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Prof. Steven D. Glaser to visit the MEMIN experiment


Prof. Glaser

Professor Steven Glaser has been chosen as the first TÜV-Süd Guest Professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and made a Fellow at the TUM Institute of Advanced studies. The professorship was awarded for Glaser’s research merging quantitative seismology with the picometer-scale displacement sensors he has designed into “nano-seismology.”  From July 19-24, Steve will lead a workshop for students entitled, “From Earthquakes to Acoustic Emissions: Non-destructive Testing in Engineering,” in Munich.

He is also collaborator of the MEMIN project, in particular sub-project 4 "Evaluation of hypervelocity impact-induced damage of rocks using elastic waves" led by Prof. Christian Große at TUM. As part of this collaboration Prof. Glaser will visit the University of Freiburg on the 7th Dec. 2010 giving a talk about "Nanoseismic sources from Sliding friction", and participating in the next experimental campaign.

More information about Prof. Glaser can be found here: http://www.ce.berkeley.edu/~glaser/

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