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Project I

Investigation of the transient early-stage physical processes of hypervelocity impacts into solid target rocks.

Frank Schäfer, EMI Freiburg
Klaus Thoma, EMI Freiburg


Project II

Projectile-target interaction, melting and vaporization in hypervelocity experiments and natural impactites

Lutz Hecht, MfN Berlin
Alex Deutsch, WWU Münster
Frank Schäfer, EMI Freiburg
Sandro Jahn, GFZ Potsdam

Project III

Microscale shock processes in sandstone

Reimold, Wolf Uwe, MfN Berlin
Schmitt, Ralf Thomas, MfN Berlin
Langenhorst, Falko, Jena

Project IV

Structure and formation of shatter cones in experimental and natural impact craters

Thomas Kenkmann, ALU Freiburg
Falko Langenhorst, Jena
Kai Wünnemann, MfN Berlin

Project V

Dynamic loading and unloading of SiO2 aggregates. Real-time phase transformation monitored by means of synchrotron beam diffraction.

Thomas Kenkmann, ALU Freiburg
Andreas Danilewsky, ALU Freiburg
Hanns Peter Liermann, DESY Hamburg
Lars Ehm, STU New York

Project VI

Crater structure and excavation: the effect of lithology and target layering on crater formation in experimental and natural impact craters

Thomas Kenkmann, ALU Freiburg
Ghislain Trullenque, La Salle Paris
Alexander Deutsch, WWU Münster
Klaus Thoma, EMI Freiburg

Project VII

Geophysics of cratering experiments: The laboratory perspective 

Christian Grosse, TU Munich

Project IX

Numerical modeling of impact cratering processes

Kai Wünnemann, Berlin (MfN)
Martin Sauer, Freiburg (EMI)